CODE 0 : What is the real definition of ❝ STYLE ❞ ?

SOLUTION 0: html update...downloading... access authorized.

→ BONNIE without CLYDE


CODE 0: style (n.m) : ❝ this is when nothing is supposed to match together but finally, it does. this is when your environment match with your outfit. this is when you need no one to feel confident in your clothes.❞



L'ANDRORIENTstyle is firstly an unique of style created by different inspirations. To understand clearly that style and how to adopt it you need to understand what is EXACTLY the definition of be STYLISH. Many people think we need to follow trends to be trendy but designers' inspirations come thank to us : people, cars, houses, LIFE. Fashion has created many rules since the beginning to help people to not be unfashionable. But, what is exactly "be unfashionable" ? Who can say that what you are wearing is "OUT" ? Since my childhood I play with clothes and let me tell you that most of the time, my friends or people around me were always laughing about my style. But you know what ? EVERY TIME, I was criticized in the moment but 2 months after, I saw them wearing the same clothes, the same style just because a celebrity or a designer told them to wear it. Otherwise, If i was a celebrity maybe they were not lost their time ? Obviously YES ! But I didn't care 'cause the most important to me was I was a visionary. Then, I say stop ! This is why I have created that blog and that universe which is my "Palais Algorithmique", an universe where fashionistas are free to show and create their own style and creativity. Where 1 + 1 don't be equal to 2 but can be equal to 1. Somewhere where your imagination can live like algorithms inside a computer. Some codes that no one can understand if you don't try to learn it but finally create something powerful ! My own, our own, HTML, PHP, and CSS.

Most of you will ask me "Why Bonnie without Clyde ? and why that picture ? And who is that guy ?". Fashion is an Art and fashionistas we are Artists. An artist need nobody to create. We only need our brain, our spirit and love of creativity. I am a Bonnie, we are all a Bonnie and we need no Clyde to be Fashionable. All that passion starts in my hometown : Sisteron. And that guy, Louis de Funès, a french comedian, always been my inspiration. He was such crazy and famous because of his humour but most of all perfectionist. Nobody understood his art and him sometimes but he has so passionate by his universe that he invited us to join his world. As I do with all of you right now.

But let me conclude : you have created me through Instagram (I truly thank you so much for that by the way) and through my blog, I'll show you how to adopt that ANDRORIENT Universe, how to make it live and I ask to all of you to help me expand and spread our OWN TREND

Welcome in my Palais Algorithmique guys ! 
Hope you'll enjoy the flight.

who said geeks couldn't be fashion icons ?


Jacket : Top Shop
Pants : H&M
Low Boots : Pull&Bear
Sweater : New Look
Watch : Casio
Eyeglasses : Ray Ban


  1. Once blazer jacket very straight like a school uniform jacket but colorful (electric blue, orange, flashy pink, yellow or green).

  2. One animal printed pants, dress or skirt in black, white, grey or brown. Neutral and natural colors.

  3. One simple top with a round neck.

  4. A pair of low boots very edgy.

  5. Some accessories : eyeglass, a watch and a laptop pocket. Add some oriental jewelry and...

  6. DONE ! Now you have the perfect ANDRORIENT style !

Tout mon Amour de Geek !

P.SIIIT : Feel free to comment below. BAD or GOOD comments, you're welcome ! ↓