CODE 1 : How to share your trend, make it ❝ FASHIONABLE ❞ and get followers ?

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→ it's better to be HAPPY than WELL-DRESSED


CODE 1: a steminist (n.f) : ❝ in other words : A FEMINIST. ❞



First of all, I wanted to write an article about one topic which is the most important dedicated to me in fashion industry : Confidence & Happiness.

If you want to spread a trend, you have to feel confortable with yourself, with your body and on what you are spreading to world. Fashion industry is very hard to convince. This a place where judgements are welcome and you need to be patient to get some respect. And that respect, you'll find it in your creativity, your intelligence and your confidence. A person which is full of confidence is a person which is full of happiness. If someone tell you that your body is not "sexy" to wear that outfit, prove him he's wrong and wear that outfit in a way that make you sexy. We all have different body but if you know your own, you can BE SEXY. If someone tell you your outfit is terrific, prove them it will be the next new fashion trend to adopt. If someone laugh about your style, laugh with him/her. Auto-derision is always the key of success. Your power is on your creativity and intelligence. Then, wake up each morning, open your closet, create your trend, put make-up that YOU want, and start your day. If you feel happy in your outfit, people will automatically see it and that's this happiness that you expand to others and that confidence which give to others the envy to copy you and BE LIKE YOU. Some people will tell you that you have a big "EGO" but people are afraid to someone which is Confident, Happy and afraid about nothing.

Never let the fear controls you. Never be afraid of who you are even if what you do it never been created because if you do that, it means you are a visionary. Let nobody tell you how you have to behave yourself especially in fashion. Be happy in your body and do it for yourself, not for others. This is the best key to get followers, trust me this is why I am here talking with you guys ❤ Then, let's make some ANDRORIENT dope trends !


who said geeks couldn't be fashion icons ?




Kimono : Missguided
Top : Nasty Gal
Short : DIESEL
Gladiator : EDUN
Capeline : Asos
Jewelry :
Eyeglasses : Versace


  1. One long Kimono with an oriental spirit, similar to morrocan caftan in lace.

  2. One very high waist short with a "French Riviera" / Brigitte Bardot style (in denim this is always more confortable for the beach ;) ).

  3. One body or swimsuit one piece. YES ! You can wear swimsuit as a top !

  4. A pair of silver Gladiator shoes.

  5. Some accessories : a cuty Capeline in straw to stay frenchy and elegant and a pair of sunglasses very retro with a nerd mood. Add some Persian jewelry and...

  6. DONE ! Now you have the perfect ANDRORIENT style !

  • PS : For that look, I invite you to play with gold and silver jewelry. Gold & Silver are opposites but complementaries as Fire & Water. Separate they show one part of your emotion but together they make you INVICIBLE. That's what an ANDROGYMENE is, a Super Woman

Tout mon Amour de Geek !

P.SIIIT : Feel free to comment below. BAD or GOOD comments, you're welcome ! ↓