(She) Getting studied information-communication with a journalism specialization after a Literature bachelor degree with honors, Ymène Kachaou started working as a journalist in different Newspapers and Magazines in France as La Provence but she didn't really enjoy it. After that, she decided to change and be a Social Media Manager, that's actually what she did in Paris (France) and New York (USA) for the magazine, The Tai Life. She continues working and mixing her both knowledge as a journalist, an editor and a social media manager in different companies as a Business Consultant and a Fashion Editor as well.

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When she was young, her first passion was to create an High Fashion French Brand. Since age of 10, she spend all of her time sitting on a bench in her grandmother's street drawing her futur collection in a book. She took some drawing lessons to know how to create fashion drawings and after her Journalism university license, she flight to New York City to start a Master course in Fashion & Design. After that, she moved to Los Angeles where she worked for Just Fab Company

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It all have started with DIAMODE MAGAZINE which was just DIAMOND at the first time and NESYM'.Culture & Lifestyle at the beginning. Since her childhood, Ymène Kachaou always wanted to study fashion and becoming a fashion designer. But her mom was afraid she will never find a job in that industry and she wanted her to study something more intellectual as Justice, Medicine or even Politics. At 15 years old, her parents bought her first computer, it was a huge invention at her age. She spent all of her time after class studying how this machine worked. Sometimes whitout sleeping at night and then go to school the day after and thinking about it all day in class. At this time, her parents knew she was more intelligent than they thought. Her teachers told her that she can choose all career that she wanted and she was accepted in Scientist and Literary course but she wanted to start Economics course. One of her teacher told her that she didn't have a "Boss and Marketing Spirit", that she is more an Artist than a Wolf. Then, she didn't know what to study because the only one thing that she wanted it was to work in Fashion. One day, she heard about blogging. It was the beginning of this artistic movement and also, the beginning of the TV series : Ugly Betty and Le Destin de Lisa. She immediately knew what to do : if she wanted to become a big fashion designer and show to her parents and to all people who have never believed in her "bossy spirit" that she can find a job in this industry, she has to study an intellectual course who will let her be creative and also a job where she can value her own job without help. Then she choose Fashion Journalism. She spent all her free-time on computer studying blogging and social networks especially Facebook and she started her first Social Network Fashion Blog for men and women which was called "NESYM'.Culture and Lifestyle." on a Facebook Page only at 16 years old. In 6 months, that Facebook page became famous. It was a big surprise for an only test. She had her bachelor degree and went to University but she knew that she couldn't keep that name for a real business. She has decided to delete NESYM'.Culture & Lifestyle and spent one year searching for a name meanwhile she lost all her fans. But one day, talking to herself, she tried to decrypt her dream, what she wanted in her futur and this is how DIAMODE came. Two French words with an international sound which mean a lot of things to her about her past, her present and her future. This name is more personal than fashionable but she didn't care because she has created an anagram that she was the only who knew the description, a mystery behind a simply name. DIAMODE was a blog and became a magazine after. It started becoming famous at her university but she didn't want to make this only famous in college. Then she started to analyze which country could help her grow and she finally hesitated between two : Japan and United States. But there was two problems : she had a very bad English and she never learned Japanese. Then, she has decided to pick the simply one : USA. When she came in NYC, she started working in her business plan and she analyzed all Americans economics, politics, commercials laws during her free-time. She knew that the best way to learn was to be inside an industry this is why she applied to all internships and jobs she found and she started working for a Celebrity Stylist during NYC Fashion Week but it wasn't interesting for her own business. At this time, she had an opportunity in a fashion magazine in Wallstreet district, The Tai Life. This is actually how her career as an american and then international fashion blogger have started. Today, DIAMODE became DIAMODE MAGAZINE under the digital agency DIAMODE PUBLICATIONS where is ANDROGYMENE as well, her brand that she always wanted to create. And you know what ? Now she knows she has chose the perfect name.

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It happened in 2015. Be a Fashion Blogger and an Influencer wasn't something that she wanted to do. Indeed, she became one by chance. As everyone, Ymène Kachaou had Instagram and she used it to show what she did with DIAMODE MAGAZINE and on her resume as well. That is exactly when she has started working for the Stylist and TV Host, Tai Beauchamp at The Tai Life Magazine that her career began. One day, Tai asked to all her team to join her at BET TV company to support her for a new blogger emission. At that time, Ymène met many american bloggers who gave her advices about blogging and told her she should start her own blog cause journalism and press magazine is over. After the show and reflexions, she has decided to post some pictures and videos #BehindTheScene of this show and tag @BET. In the morning, she opened her instagram and she saw that those pictures got so many likes. She opened her computer and received 2 emails of brands who wanted to start working with her as an ambassador and one of them was Sanyae Demure who invited her to the Los Angeles Fashion Week. Then, she decided to leave New York City to the city of dream, Los Angeles where she continued blogging there, started working with Photographers, Brands but in the same time she didn't forget her first goal: DIAMODE. Today, that blog is the most successful, she passed from US Fashion Blogger to International Fashion Blogger worked with so many brands all around the world as Happy Socks, Tobi, Bikini.com, Rosegal, Soufeel, Zazzy, Kyna Collection, Citriin, My Souk in the City, Fittea, iKrush, Cheyma, Rocksbox, Poca and Poca, Amira Haroon and more.

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A Blogger is also Model. A Model is also a Comedian. Comedian is also an Actor. And Ymène Kachaou is all in the same time. She has to start learning how to pose as a model when she has started working with Photographers in Los Angeles and learn how to play Comedy as an Advertiser. But when she was in high school, she took some classes in Theater but she needed to learn more about Cinema and Acting. She entered at Acting International in Paris and signed in two agencies : Digital Artist and Agence Alterego. She also played in TV series as GURU produced by Yassine Azzouz and Alice Nevers produced by TF1 in France, her home country. 

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